Are you vacationing in Eleuthera or visiting on a cruise ship to Princess Cays and would like to tour Lighthouse Beach to see the pink sand beaches or tour Eleuthera by boat and fish or dive conch like a real Bahamian?  If so, join us on our one of our guided tours and experience Eleuthera in a totally unique way.

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Available Tours

Discover Lighthouse Beach
(4.5 hours in duration - $90.00 per person - $70 per child ages 7-14*)
*** This tour is the only tour available to Cruise Ship passengers visiting Princess Cays! ***
** It is also available to guests visiting Eleuthera **

Get off the beaten path and discover Eleuthera's true beauty.  This land based tour takes you to our famous "5 star" pink sand beach, Lighthouse Beach, with a visit to the ruins of an old Anglican church in Bannerman Town.  At the beach climb the cliffs to tour the old Lighthouse and lightkeeper's kitchen.  Take in the incredible elevated views of the reefs below and Little San Salvador to the south.   Swim the aqua clear waters and discover the pristine reefs right off the shore.  Savor some native conch grilled on an open fire with peas and rice and fresh salads on the side.  Everything is natural and fresh, grown and caught locally.  Relax under a palm tree with a refreshing rum punch.  This is the trip for you if you'd like to visit the prettiest beach on the island and be totally catered to!

  • Departs Princess Cays or Bannerman Town 
  • Departure is 1 hour ship anchors for cruise passengers
  • Transportation in our open truck to Lighthouse Beach and back
  • Walking tour of the lighthouse, caves and cliffs
  • Juice and ice water 
  • Lunch on the beach - see food choices on our Menu button
  • Beach chairs 
  • Rum punch
Stretch of beach


Click here for more pictures of Lighthouse Beach

Note:  This tour is not recommended for persons with bad backs or pregnant women since the road to Lighthouse Beach is extremely rough.

Lighthouse Beach by Boat 

(5 hours+ in duration - $150.00 per person for 3 or more passengers, $200.00 per person for 2 passengers,  $100.00 per child ages 7-14*)

Take our Discover Lighthouse Beach tour but travel by boat to this remote beach location.  Along the way you can enjoy the varying shoreline of Eleuthera.  See the pretty little coves, white sand beaches, rocky overhangs...   Snorkel the beautiful reefs further off the shore.  Enjoy a native lunch and refreshing drinks.

  • Departs Cape Eleuthera Marina 
  • Transportation by boat to Lighthouse Beach and back.
  • Walking tour of the lighthouse, caves and cliffs
  • Snorkel gear 
  • Juice and ice water 
  • Grilled lunch on the beach - see menu choices
  • Rum punch
DA Real Bahamian T'ing
(5 hours in duration - $135.00 per person for 3 or more passengers, $175.00 per person for 2 passengers,  $85.00 per child ages 7-14*)

Board our boat and learn to dive and chop conch just like the Bahamians do.  We'll show you how to snorkel for conch, how to get them out of the shell and how to prepare them for salad or how to ""scorch" them.  Then, we'll teach you how to hand line for reef fish.  Finally you get the opportunity to snorkel a beautiful reef and enjoy a cold lunch of fresh smoked fish salad sandwiches (or egg salad or PBJ) on home made herb bread and chips.   If you'd like to taste fresh conch, ask the captain and he'll chop on open for you right there.  Come aboard and enjoy some native Bahamian music and rum punch while exploring the sea!  This trip is a true boat trip.  You are either on the boat or in the water the whole time.

** Add the Marker bars to this tour.  For an extra $100 (for the trip - not per person) we'll add an hour to your trip and bring you to explore and photograph the Marker bars
  • Departs Cape Eleuthera Marina
  • Boat transportation departing and returning to Cape Eleuthera                                   
  • Experienced captain 
  • Snorkel gear
  • Hand line fishing gear
  • Life vests (please indicate if childrens' vests are needed)
  • Lemonade and ice water 
  • Fresh fish, egg salad or PBJ sandwiches and chips
  • Rum punch
Click here for more pictures from Da Real Bahamian T'ing Tour

Explore Schooner Cays
(5 hours in duration - $125.00 per person for 3 or more passengers, $160.00 per person for 2 passengers,  $85.00 per child ages 7-14)

Schooner Cays and the Marker Bars are a group of islands and sandbars off Cape Eleuthera.  Some have vegetation, some are just sand, some come and go with the tides, one has a unique marker warning travellers of shallow water ... and all are deserted.  You can choose to explore the shoreline of the bigger islands and search the sand bars in search of the perfect shell,.  This is a beach adventure at a variety of spots - there are no reefs, but the shelling can be really great and the shallows can surprise you with a ray, turtle or fish.  Float in the shallows with a drink in hand or warm your toes on the beach under an umbrella.  The colors of the waters around these cays are just amazing.   We provide a hot lunch of grilled conch, peas and rice, and cold salad.   It's your turn to just relax and get away from it all!  This tour can also be provided "Adam and Eve" style, where we drop you on the deserted island with all the fixin's for lunch, leave you for your privacy, and come pick you up at a later time.


  • Departs from Cape Eleuthera Marina
  • Transportation by boat to the cays and sand bars (tide permitting)
  • Lemonade and ice water 
  • Grilled lunch on the beach - see menu choices
  • Rum punch

Coral Reefs and Sea Shells  
(5 hours in duration - $125.00 per person for 3 or more passengers, $160.00 per person for 2 passengers,  $85.00 per child ages 7-14)

Snorkel amongst the corals and fishes on several different shallow reefs around Cape Eleuthera.  Some areas are nurseries for hundreds of baby fish and pretty little corals, while others grow giant sea fans and are hangouts for larger groupers, snappers and their friends!  Then let your bathing suit dry under the sun while wandering the Marker Bars, a series of sandbars only visible at lower tides,  picking up sea biscuits, sand dollars and a variety of sea shells.  The Marker Bars are really a must see - with the crystal clear turquoise shallows sparkling in the sun -  a location like this is one in a million!


  • Departs Cape Eleuthera Marina
  • Transportation by boat between the snorkel spots and the Marker Bars
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Fresh smoked fish salad, egg salad, or PBJ sandwiches and chips
  • Lemonade and ice water 
  • Rum punch


Self Guided Kayak Adventure
(5-6 miles - 3 hours+ in duration - double occupancy 2 person kayak is $80, single occupancy 1 person kayak is $60 for the day)
*only offerred in calm weather - guide can be added for $50 more

Eplore the southern coastline of Eleuthera at your own pace.  This one way trip goes from Wemyss Bight beach to Deep Creek (or the reverse, depending upon the winds).  We provide you with lunch, drinks, and snorkel gear.  You park your vehicle at the ending point and we transport you to the starting location.   This is approximately a 6 mile journey through crystal clear waters, along sandy and rock shorelines and over shallow reefs.  You'll pass several creeks and gorgeous Plum Creek beach and end up in the creek by the Gulley Hole.  Swim and sunbathe when and where you want!.  


  • Departs Wemyyss Bight or Deep Creek 
  • Transportation to launch location by Eleuthera Tours
  • Kayak & paddles
  • Life vests
  • Ice water 
  • Fresh smoked fish salad, egg salad or PBJ sandwiches

Sunset, Night Sky & Fish
(4 hours in duration - $400 1-4 passengers, additional guests $50 each)
*only offerred in calm weather

Departing approximately 2 hours before sunset, this fishing trip keeps you out of the scorching sun and allows you to enjoy our spectacular sunsets from the unobstructed vantage point of the open sea.  After the sun sets be amazed by the night sky - with more stars than you dreamed  possible.  We'll bottom fish on patch reefs for snapper, grunts, groupers, porgies... and more.  Our waters are loaded with phosperous so on really calm nights you can see the boat wake spark in the night, watch illuminated floating night creatures on the currents, and actually glimpse the fish glowing 20 feet below the surface.


  • Departs Cape Eleuthera Marina 
  • Fishing tackle and bait
  • Rum punch, lemonade, Ice water


Gone "Fish'ning"

The waters off Cape Eleuthera and the Atlantic are abundant with fish.  When travelling around South Eleuthera you'll hear the phrase "fishining" (note the Bahamian version of the word "fishing").  Whether it's reef fishing, or game fishing - configure this tour for your desires.  Donald was born and raised here and has been fishing since he could cast a line.  We provide the fishing tackle (or bring your own) and beverages.  You provide the fishermen!  
We try to limit the number of fisherman at one time to 4 (more can come on the boat, you just need to take turns "fishining" so as to not tangle your lines!)
(4 hours bottom/reef fishing - $400/1-4 passengers -- 4 hours trolling - $600/1-4 passengers - additional guests $50 each)

  • Departs Cape Eleuthera Marina 
  • Bonefishing departs Deep Creek
  • Fishing tackle and bait
  • Rum Punch, lemonade, Ice water  
Lighthousex        Cove       Catch of the Day

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