D.A. Reef Seafood

We offer freshly frozen Conch and Fish - cleaned and bagged at sea.  Live conch in the shell is also available upon request.  
All fish and conch is sold by the pound, not by the "bag" ensuring you always get what you paid for.
In addition, we offer the conchiest Conch Fritter Batter you will find anywhere.  This is sold frozen in 1lb bags.  Each bag has 2/3 lb of conch in it.
We also offer Land Crabs for sale (seasonal - check for availability)                      
Frozen Conch$8.00 lb
Frozen Conch Fritter Batter$8.00 lb
Fresh Conch Salad$8.00 per serving
Live Conch in Shell
Pan Fish
Red Snapper
Mahi Mahi

Pick up in Deep Creek anytime.  Call for which days we are delivering North.

 242-225-4408 or 242-557-7381