Eleuthera Tours Menu

Lunch choices - each person can choose their specific meal
Fresh delicious Eleuthera Cuisine is served with every tour. Taste the real big flavor of the Caribean with your tour. We also have options for children.

*all meals are served with Rum Punch, lemonade, and bottled water

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Boat activity tours

(Da Real Bahamian T’ing and Coral Reefs & Sea Shells)


Sandwich lunch


All sandwiches served on homemade white bread with chips

Your choice of

Smoked Fish Salad
Fresh catch of the day minced with celery, onions, mayonnaise and Old Bay, topped with homemade sweet coleslaw

Egg Salad
Hard boiled egg minced with sweet pickle relish, mayonnaise and mustard

Classic creamy peanut butter and jelly

Land activity tours

(Schooner Cays and Lighthouse Beach)


Hot Lunch


All hot lunches heated on an open fire on the beach and served with peas and rice and coleslaw

Your choice of

Grilled Conch
Conch is a mollusk native to the Bahamas. We beat it tender and steam it on the stove with celery, onions and potatoes. Served in its own juices in a foil packet, it is seasoned with salt, pepper, and Old Bay.

Grilled Fish

The fresh catch of the day (usually snapper or grouper) is sealed in a foil packet with a bed of cabbage and onions. It is seasoned with butter, lime juice, a splash of white wine, and salt and pepper.

Barbecue Chicken

Leg quarters are cooked and shredded and served in a foil packet with homemade sweet and lightly spicey barbecue sauce.

Seasonal, available vegetables grilled in a foil packet with butter and seasoned with herbs.

Additional Children’s Choices

Hot dog or PBJ served with Chips